About Us

In 2015, under Linchpin Pvt Ltd.’s operation, to diversify our market, ‘The Guest’ outlet was opened, specializing in bed and bath linen to cater to the prospering hospitality industry and healthcare sectors in the Maldives. We offer a wide range of hospitality-related products from bed & bath linen, and aroma to paper & plastic products, importing them from all around the world including towels from China, Dubai, and Pakistan. We make it our priority to offer our customers the highest quality products that are also compatible with high-end resorts, hotels, guest houses, and households.

Identifying a huge market gap in importing a sufficient quantity of pillows and bed linen, we built a factory to manufacture pillows at the end of 2018 to fill this gap, sourcing the raw materials required from South Korea and China. We launched our own brand called “Dhooni” to introduce our pillows to the market, gaining recognition and trust from consumers. Subsequently, the factory was expanded to extend the product line, where bed sheets and pillowcases are also cut and sewn in bulk and to custom requirements to ensure customer satisfaction.  

We have recently stretched our kitchenware line including dinnerware, cookware, ovenware, kitchen utensils, and storage. To offer our customers the best value, we offer products from leading brands.