DAC Kitchen & Oven Spray

DAC Kitchen Spray Lemon 500ml

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  • 5x Longer Lasting Cleanliness and Shine: The DAC Kitchen and Oven Cleaner with the fat repellent effect delivers a 5x longer lasting cleanliness & shine, in comparison to ordinary Kitchen & Oven Cleaners.
  • Fat Repellent Effect: The formula penetrates the surface to prevent the re-soiling of fat and stubborn grease stains.
  • Removal of Germs and Bacteria: Surfaces in the kitchen can have more germs than a toilet bowl – Use DAC Kitchen Cleaner to remove them!
  • Easy to Use: Designed in an easy-to-use spray bottle, simply direct the trigger on the target area, spray, and wipe with clean tissue or cloth.
  • Usage Instructions: Twist the nozzle until the ON label is on the top and start spraying to achieve long-lasting cleanliness.