Cambro Dunnage Rack 36x21x12" Solid Gray DRS36480

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Keeping products away from the floor and contaminants is a key step in responsible food service operation. Choose from slotted or solid tops and a wide range of sizes for a custom solution, joining racks securely with the easy-to-use Camlink Connector. 

  • Keep inventory 12" (30,5 cm) safely off the floor
  • Durable material never rusts, corrodes, or bends
  • One-piece, heavy-duty construction is easy to clean
  • Camlink Connectors to securely lock multiple racks together
  • Racks are safe to -36°F (-38°C)


  • 36x21x12 inches
  • Solid Gray
  • Solid Top
  • Holding Capacity: 680Kg