Cambro Glass Rack 20parts

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Wash, store and safely transport stemware and tumblers in a revolutionary Camrack System that eliminates the need for rewashing. 
  • Efficient Washing
    • Durable, chemical resistant plastic design withstands temperatures up to 200°F (93,3°C)
  • Sanitary Storage
    • Closed external walls keep fingers and contaminants out
  • Safe, Sanitary Transportation
    • Smooth sides and rounded corners reduce risk of injury
    • Molded-in ergonomic handles on all sides provide comfortable handling
  • Fits through any commercial dishwasher


  • Dimensions: Maximum Glass Diameter 3 7/8" (9.84 cm). Glass Height 5 1/4" (13.3cm)
  • Product code: 20S434151