Gefu Egg Stand Brunch

  • Rf265.50
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Up to four eggs can be easily and quickly put in and out of the boiling water with the egg cooker holder. Then rinse and then serve directly in the egg holder.

  • For cooking, quenching and serving 4 eggs, sizes S to XL
  • Fixable stainless steel holder
  • For pots from 12 cm in diameter
  • L 10.6 cm, W 10.6 cm, H 20.4 cm
  • Dishwasher safe
Two movable stainless steel plates ensure that 4 eggs - from S to XL format - stand securely in the pot during the cooking process. And when they are done, simply remove the eggs, lower the upper plate onto the lower one, put the eggs back on and serve! The design combination of stainless steel and black plastic for the ring-shaped handle makes it a practical and beautiful table partner! The egg holder can be used for pots with a diameter of 12 cm or more.