Gefu Herb Pot Botanico

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Fresh herbs for weeks without having to water them all the time! The herb pot with self-watering system ensures that the plant gets exactly as much water as it needs.

  • Automatic irrigation system with nylon wick
  • Ideally suited for standard herb pots (with max. Ø 11 cm base and max. Ø 13 cm opening)
  • Integrated water level indicator
  • 500 ml water reservoir
  • Ø 14.2 cm, H 18.5 cm
  • Dishwasher safe
Commercially available herb pots, but also ornamental plants in the corresponding pot format, no longer have to be constantly watered when they are placed in the herb pot. This is ensured by a durable nylon wick, which transports the water evenly from the water container to the plant. Simply wrap the wick around a plastic rod and insert it into the potting soil through the perforation in the bottom of the pot. The 500 ml water reservoir can provide adequate irrigation for up to a week. The water level indicator signals when replenishment is required.