Gefu Multi-Chopper- Vegetable,Fruit,Fish,Nuts

Gefu Multi Chopper Speedwing

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Universally applicable and completely without electricity, this all-rounder takes on the chopping of fruit and vegetables, nuts, onions or fish, stirring and mixing from dip to dessert or the spin-drying of herbs.

  • Efficient and energy-saving use thanks to manual pulling mechanism
  • Ergonomic cable handle
  • Cutting insert with two curved blades made of Japanese blade steel and integrated deflector and indicator
  • Dimensionally stable spin basket
  • Stirrer insert
  • Storage lid and scraper included
  • Easy replacement of the inserts
  • Non-slip stand thanks to the bottom ring
  • Protective caps for blades included
  • Measurement scaling: ml / cups / fl. Oz
  • Filling volume: 800 ml
  • All components are dishwasher-safe except for the lid with a cable mechanism. Follow cleaning instructions.
  • Ø 13.9 cm, H 13.4 cm
Efficient and energy-saving all-rounder: thanks to the cable mechanism, chopping, pureeing, mixing, whisking and stirring a wide variety of ingredients is child's play. Depending on the length of the application, the cutting insert can be used to chop carrots, nuts and much more from a coarse to a very fine consistency. Two very sharp, curved blades ensure an optimal result. But also creamy spreads and aromatic salad dressings can be mixed in the appropriate insert after, for example, the herbs have been dried in the spin basket. The grooves in the container ensure that the clippings are always returned to the ground. A practical scale also helps when measuring the ingredients. Extensive accessories, such as a storage lid,