Gefu Salt & Pepper Mill

Gefu Salt/Pepper Mill X-Plosion

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It's in your hand: The innovative X-PLOSION® grinder combines modern design, superior technology and creative culinary art. Equipped with the convincing CYCLONE® precision grinder, it grinds salt crystals and peppercorns particularly quickly, easily and efficiently and at the same time ensures the perfect degree of grinding - from extra fine to extra coarse. With an X-PLOSION®, pepper and salt always develop their full, natural taste from preparation to seasoning.

  • High-quality ceramic conical grinder CYCLONE® for maximum precision and efficiency
  • External, 14-stage grinding degree setting: from powder-fine to extra-coarse
  • Easy-to-fill spice container
  • Airtight lid for optimal aroma and moisture protection
  • Ø 6.2 cm, H 15.0 cm
All X-PLOSION® mills are equipped with the innovative CYCLONE® precision grinder from GEFU, with which salt crystals and peppercorns are crushed particularly quickly, easily and effectively. No wonder, because the extra-large CYCLONE® grinder made of high-performance ceramics is equipped with significantly more teeth than any standard grinder and thus ensures 6x higher efficiency. With more razor-sharp, large teeth that break up even coarse crystals and grains with ease. With more fine teeth that ensure uniquely homogeneous results in next to no time and with any desired grinding degree.