Gefu Vegetable & Fruit Slicer

Gefu Slicer Rapido

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Fast, faster, RAPIDO: this slice cutter ensures easy and clean use as well as 4 mm thick vegetable or fruit slices.

  • Serrated special knife made of Japanese blade steel
  • even 4 mm slices
  • transparent, ergonomically shaped collecting container for direct collection of the fruit and vegetable slices
  • Container bottom to be clamped at the same time ejector for food residues between knife blades
  • L 10.3 cm, W 7.7 cm, H 12.0 cm
  • dishwasher safe
The slicer delivers even slices of fruit and vegetables quickly and effortlessly: Simply place the food to be sliced ​​on a cutting board, remove the bottom of the container and press on the transparent collecting container with its sharp blades: done. The slices are collected in the collecting container. To remove any residues that may get stuck between the blades, simply put on the black bottom of the container, as it also functions as an “ejector”.