Gefu Vegetable & Fruit Slicer 5 thicknesses

Gefu V-Slicer Julienne Violi

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The compact V-slicer offers - in addition to the 5 adjustable cutting thicknesses for fruit and vegetable slices - two additional blade inserts for even julienne strips. Anti-slip feet and a practical food holder ensure safe working.

  • compact V-plane with food holder and additional Julienne function
  • 5 adjustable cutting thicknesses from 1 - 5 mm
  • two blade inserts for Julienne strips of 3 and 6 mm wide
  • Storage box for safe stowing of the blade inserts
  • Exchangeable blade made of Japanese blade steel
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Hanging loop
  • L 32.3 cm, W 8.0 cm, H 2.2 cm
  • Dishwasher safe
The ergonomic handle with hanging loop sits comfortably in the hand - and the handy V-plane stands securely on the anti-slip feet. There is a choice of 5 cutting thicknesses for slices. In addition, there are two inserts made of high-quality Japanese blade steel for even julienne strips, either 3 or 6 mm wide. A food holder and a storage box for the blade inserts are part of the equipment of the practical, dishwasher-safe kitchen assistant, with which fruit and vegetables can be easily processed in a total of 15 different variants.