Gural EO Bowl White

Gural EO Bowl White

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Güral Porselen International Collection will be indispensable for your space for a long time, with its durability and suitability for daily use, as well as for flashy invitations and special occasions.

Product Codes:

EO14KK00 14cm
EO19KK00 19cm
GR23KK00 23cm

Cleaning and Care

• Creamy and liquid detergents can be used.
• Make sure to rinse it with a generous amount of water and dry after washing.
• Avoid the use of hard cleaning materials or rubbing with wire wool. Avoid washing with bleacher and similar chemicals (such as the hard surface of scouring sponge).
• Hand wash is recommended for products with porcelain ornaments that contain plenty of gold, platinum and gilt.