Korkmaz Perla Spagetti Set 3pcs

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  • Measure:
    Pot  20x18 cm / 5.6 lt
    Pasta Pot  20x17.5 cm / 5.1 lt
    • 18/10 Cr-Ni stainless steel
    • It provides maximum time and energy savings thanks to its Solar Base base system, which provides the highest heat transfer on all types of hobs, including induction.
    • Super capsule base providing homogeneous heat conduction
    • Carefully polished exterior surfaces that retain their shine
    • Special tempered glass cover
    • Ergonomic, hand-free, special safe stainless steel handles and tops
    • Before first use, clean with hot water and dishwashing liquid.
    • Do not leave it on the stove for a long time without food in it, hot and without oil.
    • With its long body and its own strainer, it both  prevents spaghetti from breaking  and provides ease of use.
    • It can be cleaned in the dishwasher.