Pressure Cooker Bigboy

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Reference : BB14 (14L), BB18(18L) & BB22(22L)
Size Base Diameter : 208mm, 245mm & 245mm
Size Thickness : 4.06mm, 4.88mm & 4.88mm
Material : Stainless Steel


Key Features:

  • The Bigboy range has been specially designed to cook large quantities of food quickly and economically.
  • It is most useful in restaurants, hotels, canteens in factories, hospitals, schools and colleges. 
  • The 18 and 22 litre Bigboy pressure cookers have a pair of sturdy lifting handles attached to the sides of the pressure cooker for convenience in handling the heavy weight carried by such pressure cookers.
  • The plastic handles of all Bigboy pressure cookers are made from reinforced fibreglass for extra strength.
  • Similarly, all other components of Bigboy pressure cookers are made for heavy duty.
  • A chain is attached to the vent weight to prevent loss in busy kitchens.
  • Recommended for use on gas or kerosene stoves.
  • They may also be used on coal burning or firewood stoves provided a suitable gap is kept between the fuel and the bottom of the cooker.