Pressure Cooker Classic

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Reference : CL40 (4L), CL8T(8L)
Size Base Diameter : 164mm & 164mm
Size Thickness : 3.25mm & 3.25mm
Material : Stainless Steel


Key Features:

  • The Classic is Hawkins’ largest-selling, most popular range of pressure cookers - perhaps because of its attractive combination of features, benefits and price.
  • The latest improvement, introduced in 2005, is a superior pressure regulating system that controls pressure to a narrower, more efficient range, reduces sprouting of frothy foods (such as dal) and is easier to insert and remove.

  • The safety valve is located under the lid handle bar so that when it operates the steam is safely deflected downwards.
  • The gasket has minimum exposure to steam inside the cooker, does not rub every time the product is opened and closed - so lasts longer.

  • Suitable for gas, electric, ceramic and halogen cooktops.

  • Stay-cool handles. Fixed sturdy pivot does not put pressure on the plastic handles as it is a part of the metal handle itself. Thus handles last longer.

  • Recommended for use on gas stoves.